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Computer Literacy

Out and About English provides supplemental interactive practice in computer and basic language skills to help students succeed Out and About in the World of Technology.

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Low-Beginning, Multi-Skills Practice

WOW! Stories from Real Life Online offers expanded multi-skills practice for low-beginning students who are ready to go beyond the textbook.

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US Citizenship Test Prep

Are you ready to become an American Citizen by Naturalization? Let us help you by providing everything you will need inside this online course.

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Business People



I prepared with Hugo’s US Citizenship Test Prep course online, and I did very well on my test and interview. Thank you Hugo – and yes, I am voting in this election!


Hello Hugo, THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP! As I started my Digital Literacy 1 class (ELA and beginner computers) this morning, You have a new and beautiful layout/website! I appreciate you walking me through your new site. Monday, I will have all the students get registered online to use your site linked with the textbook. Our class is enjoying your textbook.

Linda Johnson

Hi Hugo, I am so happy to see you publish this new online course. We have been using the Out & About in the World of Technology textbook and our students love it!

Heather Bradley

Thank you Mr. Hugo my English is better everyday. I love WOW pictures and listen to the stories. Nice job.

Alice Min

I am an Adult Literacy tutor and have been teaching one-on-one lessons to adults that are ready to apply for US citizenship to become Americans through naturalization. The ALTA US Citizenship Test Prep Course Online includes everything my citizenship students and I need, and we are so engaged with its content. My students love practicing with Hugo’s videos and flashcards. Thanks to Alta!

John Dawson